Kindness, Gratitude, Peace, and Love Meditation

FREE Guided Meditation

In an effort to give back to the community, I am once again offering a 30-minute FREE Guided Meditation to help you find that quiet, peaceful place of stillness deep inside and minimize the effects of the outside chaos in the world.  I am offering this meditation on Wednesdays LIVE at noon for those who are available by calling:

1-712-770-5157 Access Code 104244.

For those who cannot make the live call, you can access the recording by calling:

1-712-770-4765 Access Code 104244 REFERENCE #53-current.

(Older recorded meditations from a few years ago are also available on Reference #10-52.)


For those interested in giving positive feedback our Facebook page

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this happen!
Connie Prodromou