Kindness, Gratitude, Peace, and Love Meditation

FREE Guided Meditation

Are you struggling to find some peace and calm in your life?  Does it seem there is always chaos in the outside world?  Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to access a some inner peace?  For this reason, I am offering a gift to you that is accessible anytime, 24/7 to help you locate that place of inner peace and calm that resides in all of us.  A few years ago, I started offering a FREE Guided Meditation to give back to the community and to help people handle their stress levels.  I am on a pause from the live meditations, but the recordings are still accessible whenever you want.

Simply call 1-857-357-0198 Access Code 104244 Ref# 53-139.

Trust the Universe and choose the numbers randomly as it will be just what you need at the time.

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Thanks to everyone for helping to make this happen!
Connie Prodromou