The mission of Marin Health Empowerment Center is dedication to the highest level of holistic healthcare including Energy Medicine and Acupuncture delivered with kindness, compassion, efficacy, respect and love for each individual and their journey.

Connect individuals to what is important in their health and wellness through gentle, caring and knowledgeable healthcare information.

To become the most authentic, effective and respected Energy Medicine Practitioner in the area.


  • Holding a safe, sacred space in which to heal
  • Listen and hear the clients
  • Most cutting-edge techniques used to resolve health issues
  • Compassion and love from the heart

Call 415.485.1639 or email Connie at conprolac@gmail.com

There is nothing magical about this work, it is just a process of getting things out of the way to be able to see the deeper truths of what has created our lives, our health, and our world. 

Make This Year Your Healthiest Year Yet!