What People Are Saying

“Yes the session helped.  I felt more at peace in dealing with my challenging and overwhelming life situation and need to get that feeling back.  I meant to email you and let you know that the peaceful feeling lasted several days and I liked that feeling.” LM

“Connie is a true healer in the sense that she has so many holistic trainings and degrees under her belt but also knows that healing comes from Universal Love- and  she knows how to direct it uniquely for you. I am so impressed with her skill and knowledge base- she reminds me of a female Merlin who knows the secrets of natural, intuitive healing.  Her compassion and humor are evident but, more importantly, give her a few sessions and watch your previously resistant symptoms disappear. You can trust her, whether in person or remotely over the phone. You are in good hands.” – J.C

“Thank you Connie! All symptoms are dramatically improved!” – K.H.

“I have suffered from sinus headaches for over 30 years and had resigned myself to living with sinus medication.  After going to see Connie at the recommendation of a friend, I was pain free after 2 sessions for the first time in years.” – M.A.

“I am still amazed at how fast you cured my awful, pounding headache of a week’s duration.” – D.M.

“Just had to write and tell you how my system has strengthened.   I am able to enjoy all of my favorite foods without suffering from food allergies.” – S.S.

“To my goddess acupuncturist, who replaces pain with love.” – G.A.

“Easton continues to be symptom free. It is so reassuring to see him sleeping at night with his mouth closed, enjoying a restful, uninterrupted slumber because he can breathe with ease. This is the first winter of his 7 years of life that he has been able to do that. I just wish I had found you sooner. I tell people all the time about the wonderful work you have done with him but I have to say I still struggle with explaining how you achieved such miraculous results. I understand this whole notion of energetic medicine and believe in it thoroughly. Yet to see it in action, I am still at a loss for words to accurately explain it. Does it really matter? All I know is that you were a part of helping his body to heal and overcome a condition that he has had since birth. You were able to stop something that could have had a life-long debilitating effect on him had we not been able to identify it and help his body overcome it. I am very grateful. What was also amazing was how seemingly effortless and gentle the whole process was. Not once was Easton uncomfortable nor did he have to take any medications or supplements that he did not like that only dealt with the symptoms, not the underlying issues. Thank you again for your wonderful work. I will continue to recommend you to others who cross my path who are looking for real healing and increased quality of life.” – R.E.


“I had no complaints about my health when I started seeing Connie.  Having worked for several years in an administrative capacity for Dr. Ellen Cutler, I had heard the many remarkable testimonials of people suffering from allergies, immune disorders, asthma, etc.

Having no substantial health concerns, I saw no reason to undergo treatment.  Dr. Ellen disagreed with my assessment and insisted that I visit one of her top practitioners, Connie Prodromou to have a first hand experience of how BioSET works.

I was shocked to discover I had been living with a compromised quality of life for many years. Until I began to experience first hand the shift I didn’t know what I had been missing.  I had accepted feeling tired and out of sorts, had put on weight, didn’t sleep well and felt ground down by life.   I had unconsciously to myself started limiting my commitments and activities.

After a few weeks of BioSET treatments with Connie, my physical vitality and sense of well being has shifted onto a zone I haven’t experienced since childhood.  My senses seem stimulated and heightened, my physical stamina has tripled and with that my psychological sense of wellbeing continues to unfold new perspectives.  A positive attitude arises spontaneously when you feel great.  I feel renewed physically and psychologically—It is nothing short of revolutionary!” – SC

“I started seeing Connie when I was in high school with extreme fatigue, a weakened immune system (constant sickness), weight gain and 2 cysts on my thyroid.  I continued to push myself to exhaustion because the doctors said nothing was wrong.  The doctors wanted to remove my thyroid but my mother was against that option so I started seeing Connie regularly.  She determined that I had mononucleosis which had been overlooked previously even with testing.  The doctors finally admitted it.  Regular treatments with Connie resulted in the cysts being shrunk, the thyroid function returning, weight loss, restored energy of a 16 year old athlete and a properly functioning immune system.  I still return periodically when I get out of balance.”- T.B.


“My 4 1/2 year old son Ryder has been seeing Connie since Oct ’05.  He was diagnosed with autism a little over two years ago.  We have been using various alternative treatments, many which have been very effective, but I have noticed dramatic changes in Ryder that I can say I attribute directly to BioSET and NMT.  Connie has stopped numerous tantrums dead in their tracks just from NMT.  The first time I saw it I was absolutely amazed.  NOTHING had ever been able to calm Ryder down as quickly as I witnessed in Connie’s office.

Today Ryder is close to recovery.  I truly believe that if we had not been seeing Connie all this time Ryder would not be doing as well as he is today.  I feel so strongly about it that I sent my mother, who has many physical ailments, to see her.  She, too, has seen some great improvement in some of her illnesses.  She has even been able to stop taking some of the many medications her doctors have prescribed for her (with her doctors’ consent).  I will always be grateful to Connie for helping cure my son.” – J. D. www.ryderfoundation.org

“I began seeing Connie 
for such severe PMS that
I was not able to function the two weeks before my
period because the pain and brain fog were so
intense.  After several visits I called her one day and was
ecstatic saying “Guess what? I got my period today and
I didn’t even know it was coming!!! I had
absolutely NO PMS. What a miracle!”?- K.L.

“With gentle intuitiveness, Connie was able to connect with my young daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. She gained her trust (and mine) and helped her immune system battle off recurring colds and illnesses.”

Letter to one of my client’s MD’s:

“I would not have been able to get though the chelations at your office without the help of Connie Prodromou, L.Ac., M.S..   I saw Connie in Marin the day after my Post-Myers treatments.   Connie used Bio-set, NMT, and Acupuncture to restore my body to balance. Connie’s work made it possible for me to get through the treatments.   I can’t recommend Connie enough, and highly suggest that you refer your patients to Connie who are going through metal chelation (or any treatment that need body balancing and healing).” – M.B.


“Peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms hit me hard with unbearable hot flashes and night sweats. Connie worked her magic when nothing else helped. I’m still not taking any hormones and now sleep through the night.” – B.L.

OMG (as the kids say), that EFT is something else! I sat and listened as you explained it, and thought, yeah, sure, all those success stories are great, but all I’ll get are a bunch of black and blue marks where I tapped myself too hard.  I was still feeling pretty bummed out when I got home  about not getting paid, to the point where I could barely force myself to do anything positive, but after lunch (and a short nap) I forced myself to sit down and do the EFT thing.  (I kept remembering that you said it didn’t really matter what words you use, which is good, because on each repetition I’d forget what I’d said before.)  Well, I was pretty blown away to discover that it actually worked – at least to the point of taking a huge edge off things, like a burden being lifted.  I did it several times, after which I felt genuinely relieved – like at least the emotions that had been roiling around no longer seemed to be there.  Now, several hours later, I feel traces of the old emotions leaking back in, so I’ll try a few more rounds.

But that’s not the end of the story.  This morning, after I got home from seeing you, I faxed my resume and a cover letter to a tutoring service I’d found on Craigslist – I liked the sound of the outfit (I had inspected their website) and the pay was much higher than any other tutoring outfit I’d seen.  Well, the owner called me in the late afternoon – wonderful, upbeat young woman – and basically offered me a job – said she may already have a client for me.  She said she’d e-mail me their contract and we could meet next week to go over details.  Talk about positive energy flows!

And there’s even more!  I taught a lesson tonight with one of my regular private students, and as we were chit-chatting before the actual lesson, I asked how school was going (she’s a senior at Redwood, which just started last week.)  Well, she mentioned that she’s taking economics – at which point I lit up. I have to teach economics next semester, a daunting prospect since I’m not a math person and the last time I seriously opened an econ textbook was in college, which was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  I joked with my student that the only reason I wasn’t panicking about teaching econ is that panic now would be wasted – I’d wait to panic until winter break.  At which point she told me that her econ teacher has practically his whole course — complete with hundreds of PowerPoints — posted on the Redwood website, which is open to anyone.  She told me how to access his site, and offered again and again to help me find it if her written directions weren’t good enough.

That can’t all be coincidence….

So THANK YOU for turning me onto EFT!  Here’s hoping it continues to work for me! Thanks again,” – M.R.