If there is one thing, we have learned this past year, it is that we have no control over the chaos of the outside world.  There will always be storms, viruses, wildfires…What many of my clients have realized is that the only thing they can control is their inside world.  Accessing that place of inner peace and groundedness can help one weather almost anything.  It is akin to the need to build a good foundation for your building, without it you have no stability.  It helps you deal with the stress, anxiety, depression, and fear that can weaken your immune system and allow illness.  It is not the virus that is the problem, it is the lack of energetic balance and grounding that allows it.  Strengthen yourself from the inside out, destress, claim your power back.  Recently I have had a huge influx of clients seeking to reclaim their inner power and take back their lives.  I can help you as well, just ask.

Release FEAR, embrace PERSONAL POWER!

During these stressful times, there is a possible solution to the chaos around us. Connie offers an energetic and noninvasive treatment that drastically reduces your chance of getting the Flu or any other current Virus. For 20 years she has successfully used this technique to prevent or reverse flus and viruses. Using a combination of energy modalities, she also teaches you how to empower yourself against the physical and emotional stressors of illness.


Boost your body’s immune protection energetically from any Flu or Virus to PREVENT or REVERSE the VIRUS by encouraging the immune system to do what it does best.

Connie uses a unique combination of energy modalities to restore the body’s energetic balance and ability to prevent or reverse Flu or Viruses. No injections or supplements are needed. Adults and children can benefit from this simple process. The treatment can be done remotely on Zoom with total effectiveness or in the office where Connie has created a safe, clean environment. For 20 years, Connie has used this effective energy treatment for flu and virus prevention. It is safe and proven. Both remote and in person sessions are one hour long.

Treatment include: Energy clearing technique using acupressure, Guided meditation/Intuition Medicine®, and Neuromodulation Technique to enhance effectiveness. In addition, Connie teaches you how to repeat and reinforce the treatment on yourself at home.

“Thank you, Connie. Your treatment to protect my body from the current virus was even more powerful than I expected … It feels like my immune system has been dramatically strengthened. I love that I also have your protocol to do … a reboot in case I were to feel in any way compromised. “ LG

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Enhance Your Body's Natural Immunity!

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