Experience a new way of restoring and maintaining your health and wellness

It is unlikely that your mom ever imagined the long-lasting and effective ways to eliminate pain, inflammation, allergies, anxiety, fatigue, and more that occur every day in the office of Connie Prodromou!

Most of us grew up with the model of “you only go to the doctor when you are sick or in pain”. And, when we did go, it was usually to get a prescription to mask the pain or even to schedule surgery.

Rather than a quick fix of the symptoms of “dis-ease”, Connie offers you real balance with three stages of healing:

  • Help you to move out of crisis stage
  • Determine the root cause of your problem, then work to restore your energetic balance
  • Maintain your new balance with periodic “tune-ups”

Until they start to feel great and restored, many people are unaware they had gradually fallen into poor health. When energetic balance is restored, other symptoms may be resolved as well—side benefits of sessions with Connie!

By looking holistically at your symptoms; your body, mind, and spirit; and any energetic imbalances, Connie can determine whether your seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually connected. Once any connection is known, a plan can be developed to address the deeper causes, uncovering layer upon layer of contributing factors.


If there is one thing, we have learned these past few years, it is that we have no control over the chaos of the outside world.  There will always be storms, viruses, wildfires…What many of my clients have realized is that the only thing they can control is their inside world.  Accessing that place of inner peace and groundedness can help one weather almost anything.  It is akin to the need to build a good foundation for your building, without it you have no stability.  It helps you deal with the stress, anxiety, depression, and fear that can weaken your immune system and allow illness.  It is not the virus that is the problem, it is the lack of energetic balance and grounding that allows it.  Strengthen yourself from the inside out, destress, claim your power back.  Recently I have had a huge influx of clients seeking to reclaim their inner power and take back their lives.  I can help you as well, just ask.

Connie ProdromouMy primary goal and mission in doing this work is to help people restore their health and wellness. My own experience brought me to this mission. In my thirties I had debilitating health problems that Western Medicine was not able to diagnose. They told me I was just getting old – at 38! I did not give in and finally found Energy Medicine that helped me get back my health and wellness, and more!

I had to share these healing modalities. My first stop was Acupuncture school and I built from there. Looking for a solution to your health issues? Ready to try something new? What have you got to lose, except your health issues?

“Thank you, Connie. Your treatment to protect my body from the current virus was even more powerful than I expected … It feels like my immune system has been dramatically strengthened. I love that I also have your protocol to do … a reboot in case I were to feel in any way compromised. “ LG
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