Energy Medicine, Connie ProdromouFrequently Asked Questions

What’s different about energy medicine?
Energy medicine often requires a series of treatments in order to get to the root cause of the problem. While it may sometimes seem to take more time than you expect, this method often results in a longer-lasting solution. In Connie’s work wellness is a journey not just a quick fix.

How could energy medicine possibly work?
Our bodies are made of energy and the key to good health is energetic balance.  This theory has been the foundation for thousands of years in Acupuncture which uses needles to unblock and balance energy in the meridians.  The modalities used by Connie use acupuncture/acupressure and other methods to unblock the energy as needed.

What if I have always relied on traditional medicine?
It is important to set aside many of the attitudes about medicine that we were raised with if they are not working for us.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You only go to the doctor when you are sick or in pain
  • The doctor gives you a pill and the affliction goes away (or so you hope)

If that isn’t getting you to the health and wellbeing you want to achieve, maybe it’s time to consider alternatives.

What type of person benefits most from your services?
Everyone can benefit form my services. My practice includes people who are seeking a higher level of health and wellness as well as people who have chronic or acute issues including pain, allergies, fatigue, and many other symptoms that haven’t responded to other therapies yet.

” Regular treatments
with Connie resulted
in the cysts being shrunk,
the thyroid function returning, weight loss, restored energy
of a 16 year old athlete and
a properly functioning immune system. ”
– T.B.

What is a typical visit like?

A typical visit involves about 45-60 minutes of intake and energy work followed by the acupuncture or acupressure for 20-30 minutes. For children and babies a typical visit involves about one hour of energy work.

How many visits will it take?
The length of treatment varies since I consider each client on an individual customize basis.  What works for one person’s symptoms isn’t necessarily the right path for another.

I recommend three to five visits initially to get a sense if these techniques are working for the client.

Why are a series of sessions often necessary?
Energy medicine takes more time, because we have to peel the layers or symptoms back until we get to the root cause of the imbalance. This can sometimes require several visits, but the results can be better and longer lasting addressing the symptoms alone.

Do people have to get acupuncture with their sessions?
After the energy work I recommend acupuncture while resting to allow the corrections to integrate, but it is not a problem if acupressure is substituted.

Are the corrections permanent?
Most times if we have gotten to the root cause of the problem, the corrections are long-lasting, but, like our vehicles, we sometimes need a tune-up to stay in balance. The key is to remaining symptoms free is to maintain the energetic balance.

What ages can be treated with this work?
My clients range from babies to people in their 80’s and 90’s. It is safe for all ages and can be used to address many issues.

What if I already have an acupuncturist?
Many of my clients have already established a long-term relationship with an acupuncturist who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine. My work in no way interferes with their current acupuncturist’s work—if anything, what I do actually enhances it or helps resolve issues that aren’t responding to TCM.