Bemer 3000 –

At the end of each energy session while receiving acupuncture/acupressure, the client lies on the Bemer 3000 mat to integrate the session.  The Bemer 3000 was developed in Germany and is used in Europe as a medical device.  In the US it is currently receiving FDA approval to be used as a medical device as well.  The Bemer 3000 is a mat that pulses healthy ranges of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) into the cells to restore micro-circulation and speed healing.  Since we live in a world of unhealthy Electromagnetic Frequencies from cell phones, fluorescent lights, computers, cars and more, constant exposure to these adverse frequencies accelerate aging and can contribute many other health problems.  Many studies have been done in Europe showing the efficacy of this device in addressing a variety of health issues.  It is also used by many professional sports and Olympic teams in Europe and Australia and in the US by the USC football and tennis teams.  By exposing our cells to healthy ranges of EMF’s on a regular basis, healing can be accelerated by increasing microcirculation, helping to oxygenate the cells and promoting them to produce more ATP or cellular energy.  Using this in my sessions has added a level of healing to all of the other modalities.  Using this regularly has resulted in greater vitality, absence of body pain and improved digestion for myself.  See my website for more information

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