At Marin Health and Empowerment Center, Connie offers a new way of restoring and maintaining your health and wellness.

I look holistically at the symptoms, the person’s body, mind and spirit, and energetic imbalances, I can determine if the seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually connected and how we might resolve the deeper causes.  When energetic balance is restored, oftentimes many other symptoms are resolved as well without actually directly addressing them.

Stage One:
The first stage is like triage where we assess the problem- pain, rash, depression, anxiety, allergies then proceed to get you out of crisis stage.  This stage is meant to calm the symptoms to enable you to function again.  On average, this could take 1-5 sessions.

Stage Two:
The second stage is designed to determine the root cause of the symptoms so a more long lasting resolution can be found.  Without this stage, the symptoms are just masked or temporarily resolved and can easily recur.  It would be like covering up the illuminated oil light on our car and thinking that since we don’t see it any longer, the problem is resolved when in fact the problem still exists and can lead to even greater problems if ignored.  On average this stage could take 3-10 sessions.

Stage Three:
The third stage is maintenance and is very important to maintain the new state of health and wellness.  Much like we maintain our teeth or our cars, we need to maintain our health.  Life happens and events can throw us out of balance so we need this stage to restore balance.  It is much easier to fix if the client doesn’t wait until they are a complete wreck again.  Most clients are committed to staying in this healthier, happier state so they come regularly to maintain it.

For anyone who has had serious health problems especially pain, they know that the value of their health and vitality is priceless compared to a life of pain, misery and fatigue.

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