What People Are Saying

"Wedding was absolutely stunning and guess who didn’t get sick? Me and my husband.  Voo-doo woman pulls us through this trip.  I did lots of tapping every time I felt I was getting sick.  First time in ages I didn’t get sick after a trip.  The best!"   AA

"Just wanted to let you know that there are some really positive things coming up in the wake of your work yesterday – L. has had very positive moods and freedom from intrusive negative energies and I've had family reach out with very positive words (in total opposition to the trend to this point), so I guess we've confirmed again that you're every bit as magic as we all already knew! Thank you, so very much, for the powerful healing and transformation you gave us yesterday (as well as some freedom from fear -- it now seems very likely that one of my coworkers had COVID all of the past week, and I feel shockingly safe in myself! ☆Huzzah!☆)

As I'm writing this, L. keeps remarking on how good she feels and how different this is from most healings ("I'm sometimes scared to do them because I always feel wretched afterwards, but this just feels -good-") 

I'm running out of words for thank you" ♡ F.S.

"Yes the session helped.  I felt more at peace in dealing with my challenging and overwhelming life situation and need to get that feeling back.  I meant to email you and let you know that the peaceful feeling lasted several days and I liked that feeling." LM

"Hey girl!  OMG.  The healing you gave me yesterday was so phenomenal!  All the digestive stress went away.  I had rolled my rib on my left side that I had been working on for months to release is now cleared up.  I was having stress all the way down into my left hand which was slowly recovering from the rib being out which is now recovered as well.  Thank you so much for your incredible healing gifts." -M.S.

"I fully trust Connie and the type of energetic treatments she offered for the current virus so this was a no brainer. She also added some things specific to me which was very helpful. I was tired afterwards then had a little more energy but otherwise I felt no ill effects at all. The treatment gave me the confidence to not be fearful about being out in public. Being able to do a 'follow-up' at home treatment has been great. I do one once a week or more if I've been around people." JS

"Usually when I have a session with you, or often, I should say, it takes about 24 hours for significant shift. But today I could feel a difference in just the way I was walking when I left. I knew I had been dragging but not aware of how much. So thank you very, very much. I feel like I got at least 10 years younger. Just when I was starting to think that this tiredness meant that I was old. Powerful work you do. I didn’t tell you but a lot of the time during the bars I was spontaneously saying to people —step back away from me. And the funny thing was I wasn’t doing it it was just happening, and it wasn’t angry or mean or pushy it was just clear, the image of the person and—step back away. Whew!" E.W.

Digestive Stress to Health"I had a major stomach/intestinal problem after returning from Africa. I went to my doctor and they did lots of tests and could not determine why I was having these problems- all my blood-work- everything came back negative for any kind of intestinal disease I might have caught while on my trip. I decided to go to Connie- (who I have gone to for allergies- knee pain and a few other issues) - and as usual she worked her magic and within a few days I was fine and all my troubles went away! How can I not love Connie- she is amazing and her treatments are interesting, relaxing and they work! She really cares about her clients and has a wonderful bedside manner." - K.B.

"Thank you, Connie. Your treatment to protect my body from the virus was even more powerful than I expected.  Since the treatment my body has felt so grounded and balanced.  It feels like my immune system has been dramatically strengthened.  I love that I also have your protocol to do at any time as a reboot in case I were to feel in any way compromised."  LG

Sinus Headache Allergies"Dear Connie,
Who would have thought that I would be able to live an allergy free life for over 4 years now?  Upon moving to CA in 1995 I developed debilitating seasonal allergies that prevented me from hiking, golfing, enjoying wine and much of the Bay Area.  I used to take a drug cocktail that may have reduced my symptoms, however, made me suffer from a lack of energy and crankiness.  Walking around with a red nose and watery eyes also did wonders for my self-esteem. You truly are a miracle worker and I am forever grateful." - S.B.

"I have suffered from sinus headaches for over 30 years and had resigned myself to living with sinus medication.  After going to see Connie at the recommendation of a friend, I was pain free after 2 sessions for the first time in years." - M.A.

"I am still amazed at how fast you cured my awful, pounding headache of a week’s duration." - D.M.

"Both my husband and I saw Connie at the end of March to get a treatment against the current virus as we were traveling to Iceland and were concerned about the spread. We continued doing the treatment while traveling and upon our return home for a few days. We both felt reassured that our bodies were developing a good immunity and staying healthy throughout the normal stress of flying in planes and jet lag...I am so grateful to Connie for offering such a treatment to stay healthy and have a means to treat myself when traveling. I always travel with her treatments in my medicine kit as it gives me peace of mind knowing that I can self-treat while away and during stressful times." CW

"Thanks so much for your time, love & consideration today….it really regenerated me and I spent the rest of the day revitalized and productive. With much appreciation for all that you do!" - I. M.

Sleeping Child“Easton continues to be symptom free. It is so reassuring to see him sleeping at night with his mouth closed, enjoying a restful, uninterrupted slumber because he can breathe with ease. This is the first winter of his 7 years of life that he has been able to do that. I just wish I had found you sooner. I tell people all the time about the wonderful work you have done with him but I have to say I still struggle with explaining how you achieved such miraculous results. I understand this whole notion of energetic medicine and believe in it thoroughly. Yet to see it in action, I am still at a loss for words to accurately explain it. Does it really matter? All I know is that you were a part of helping his body to heal and overcome a condition that he has had since birth. You were able to stop something that could have had a life-long debilitating effect on him had we not been able to identify it and help his body overcome it. I am very grateful. What was also amazing was how seemingly effortless and gentle the whole process was. Not once was Easton uncomfortable nor did he have to take any medications or supplements that he did not like that only dealt with the symptoms, not the underlying issues. Thank you again for your wonderful work. I will continue to recommend you to others who cross my path who are looking for real healing and increased quality of life.” - R.E.

"So to make a long story short I have been able to wear both contacts for the entire day (6am until I go to bed) with virtually no build up in my eyes. I’m going to enjoy this and see where this takes me. I’m also very, very grateful to you and the process...it definitely has been a process. I still do your guided meditations a couple times a week when I feel I need to relax and need your help when I need to quiet myself.  My anxiety is so much improved since I have been working with you and I am so grateful for this too!" - S.S.

“I started seeing Connie when I was in high school with extreme fatigue, a weakened immune system (constant sickness), weight gain and 2 cysts on my thyroid.  I continued to push myself to exhaustion because the doctors said nothing was wrong.  The doctors wanted to remove my thyroid but my mother was against that option so I started seeing Connie regularly.  She determined that I had mononucleosis which had been overlooked previously even with testing.  The doctors finally admitted it.  Regular treatments with Connie resulted in the cysts being shrunk, the thyroid function returning, weight loss, restored energy of a 16 year old athlete and a properly functioning immune system.  I still return periodically when I get out of balance.”- T.B.


“My 4 1/2 year old son Ryder has been seeing Connie since Oct ’05.  He was diagnosed with autism a little over two years ago.  We have been using various alternative treatments, many which have been very effective, but I have noticed dramatic changes in Ryder that I can say I attribute directly to BioSET and NMT.  Connie has stopped numerous tantrums dead in their tracks just from NMT.  The first time I saw it I was absolutely amazed.  NOTHING had ever been able to calm Ryder down as quickly as I witnessed in Connie’s office.

Today Ryder is close to recovery.  I truly believe that if we had not been seeing Connie all this time Ryder would not be doing as well as he is today.  I feel so strongly about it that I sent my mother, who has many physical ailments, to see her.  She, too, has seen some great improvement in some of her illnesses.  She has even been able to stop taking some of the many medications her doctors have prescribed for her (with her doctors’ consent).  I will always be grateful to Connie for helping cure my son.” - J. D. www.ryderfoundation.org

"The Virus Home Treatment directed by Connie gave me a sense of inner peace as I held the vial in my hands and listened to all the pathways that it was energetically flowing throughout my body. I experienced a sense of knowing that I was being treated for a stronger immune system. Supported with the additional treatment of Body Balancing Tx I sensed every pathway was being induced with the treatment. I appreciate that you provided the paperwork whereas I could continue the treatment as I felt needed. Thank you ~ it was powerful energy medicine."  DM

“I began seeing Connie 
for such severe PMS that
I was not able to function the two weeks before my
period because the pain and brain fog were so
intense.  After several visits I called her one day and was
ecstatic saying “Guess what? I got my period today and
I didn’t even know it was coming!!! I had
absolutely NO PMS. What a miracle!”?- K.L.

“With gentle intuitiveness, Connie was able to connect with my young daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. She gained her trust (and mine) and helped her immune system battle off recurring colds and illnesses."


"Peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms hit me hard with unbearable hot flashes and night sweats. Connie worked her magic when nothing else helped. I’m still not taking any hormones and now sleep through the night.” – B.L.

"The energetic treatment left me with a strong sense of immunity and peace of mind that should I contract the current virus my body would know how to fight it—very similar to the benefits of a traditional vaccine but delivered purely by energetic transference and thus without the side effects of traditional vaccines."  LA