What’s new at Marin Health Empowerment Center?

Always learning, expanding, and sharing, I currently serve as a Teaching Assistant at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito where students from all over the world are taught to develop their innate intuitive gifts to heal themselves and others in a 2-year program.

I have expanded my practice to include teaching. My first class, “Self-healing Using Intuition Medicine®,” was held at College of Marin in Spring 2019 under Community Education. I currently teach “Anatomy and Energy Healing” at the Academy of Intuition Medicine for 6 weeks annually. (Recorded via Zoom and available for purchase.)

In the past I have participated on a Task Force at UCSF to develop a class on meditation and energy healing for nursing students. The intention is to give them the tools that help them to reduce stress for themselves and with their patients. Enthusiasm abounds!

Client requests have led me to revise my sessions to include more energy work.
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I appreciate your referrals. Word of mouth is the only form of advertising I use. I invite you to share my contact information to those you think would benefit from my unique work.  Help me help them to resolve their health issues and find personal empowerment.