I often get clients who come in and don’t really know what their problem is. They seem to have everything in their life to make them happy- a great family, a good job, a nice house…but they aren’t happy and sense something is missing. Many of us realize that our true happiness isn’t going to come from the outside stuff but from internal love and inner peace. The work that I do helps people find out who they really are and learn to love themselves first. All the rest falls into place when this is accomplished.

The work that I offer can often help physical symptoms but deep healing results from a process of introspection and transformation of the events and thoughts that made you who you are today. By identifying obstacles that have created this dysfunctional you, we are often able to allow your true self to surface. Instead of being the person everyone thinks and expects you to be, allow yourself to become the person that you truly are on the inside.

When I am not working:

I am walking uphill 1-2 miles 5 times per week and walking with my dog
Played competitive co-ed softball
Enjoying cooking healthy, nutritional meals
Reading, studying and attending workshops to increase my knowledge and add to my “toolbox”
Throwing and glazing bowls at ceramics class
Working out with my personal trainer and working out at the gym 5 days a week
Going to the beach to enjoy the ocean and the sun
Horseback riding