Seasonal AllergiesWith all the toxicity in our environment these days, inhalant and food allergies are more common than ever. Today, allergies flare up in every season.

Symptoms such as the runny nose, itchy eyes, congested sinuses, sore throats, and increased ear wax are all possible signs of allergies. In the past, people may have turned to medication to mask the symptoms (and often create a whole list of side effects). Connie reminds us that there is a better way–to eliminate allergies completely.

Your specific history helps Connie to rebalance your body energy and reduce or eliminate the causes of your allergies and other health issues. To do so, she uses a combination of BioSET®, Neuromodulation Technique (NMT®), Intuition Medicine®, and / or acupuncture or acupressure. Some find balance in just a few sessions while those with severe conditions may need a few more. Because no drugs are used, there is no concern about undesirable side effects, only side benefits.

30-Minute Complimentary Consultation

Take advantage of the 30-minute consultation at no charge for new clients. This helps you and Connie to determine whether the two of you work well together to alleviate allergies or other health issues.

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