I grew up in Pennsylvania in the 50’s, the middle child of three. My grandparents and parents owned a local restaurant which specialized in quality, homemade food including making their own mayonnaise, salad dressings, bread, cakes, pies, ice cream, and spaghetti sauce to name a few items. It was here I learned the importance of fueling my body with high quality nutrients as evidenced by my grandfather who lived to be 103.

I attended college in the Midwest then moved to California in 1978 primarily due to the climate and healthy lifestyle that existed here. I moved to Marin in 1985 with my husband and first son and was drawn to the small town feel of San Anselmo. Raising our sons here with other working parents was like having a large extended family to depend on and enjoy.

Since moving to Marin in 1985 I have raised two sons here with their father and have taken an active role in their lives. I coached Boys Baseball as well as Boys Soccer in San Anselmo quite successfully with my brother. Our philosophy was to instill a level of self esteem, confidence and the importance of teamwork in the children that has been carried with them to this day according to their parents that I run into around the county.

My oldest son is a Cal graduate who lives and works in Marin while my youngest son is currently in college and lives at home when not in college. Both sons are very supportive of me in my pursuits in work and play, often joining me on the softball field for a game or two each year.

My interests and hobbies include hiking with my dog daily, playing co-ed softball, horseback riding, reading, music, drawing, meditating daily, cooking and of course, Giants baseball.