My Journey:

For most of my life I had been a very healthy and active person so when I started to have health problems in my 30’s I didn’t know what to do. My main symptoms were acid reflux, bloating, gas, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, frequent colds, and fatigue. There were many times after eating when I felt narcoleptic and couldn’t keep my eyes open. Since I worked full-time and had a son to take care of, I decided to go to the doctor to see what was going on so I could resolve it.

After visiting many doctors and having a multitude of tests, I was told that there was nothing wrong with me; I was just getting old; I should stop running; I was suffering from postpartum depression (my son was 3 ½ at the time) and that everyone feels like that so it is normal. Since I was in my mid-thirties at the time I refused to accept these diagnoses and sought out other solutions.

I found a chiropractor that could determine allergies from muscle testing and later computer testing. She determined that I was highly allergic to most of the foods I was eating and much of the environment. My toxic load was overflowing so everything I ate caused a reaction. Since the elimination or rotation diets were very difficult to follow, I started to go to her for allergy elimination treatments. After a couple of months of treatments I began to feel better, not so tired and not so reactive to foods. I continued treatments for 3 years to further eliminate my allergies and expand my diet.

I was so grateful to get my health and my life back I decided that I had to do this for others so I left my 20 year career in Workers Comp Insurance and went back to school to become an acupuncturist. Even though I knew it would be challenging since the Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine was a 3 year program and I had a 3 year old and an 11 year old at home, I knew I had to follow my passion to help others.

I passed the State and National Board Exams in 2000 and started my own practice integrating the energy work that saved my life, BioSET with acupuncture.

Since then I have added a few other modalities including Neuromodulation Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolink, and most recently, Intuition Medicine®. Using a combination of these techniques on myself has resulted in my continued health and wellness virtually eliminating my food and environmental allergies, eliminating my body pain, and giving me vitality that I hadn’t had before. Now in my 60’s I continue to enjoy symptom free health and wellness which includes daily meditation, exercise, and co-ed softball.

I continue to learn and add new tools to my work so that I can help others reduce or eliminate their symptoms. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to help others restore the health and wellness that they deserve.